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Are you a dealer, distributor or builder looking to direct source Brazilian granite?

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Brazilian granite is known throughout the world to provide some of the most unique beauty to homes and businesses. Our quarry direct sourcing, amazing team and top rated customer service differentiates us. Providing you with a great product through a next level experience is what drives our business.


Our products beauty, quality and unique marketing sells itself.

Nature Artfully Crafted

Our Brazilian Granite is distinct from the mountains of Brazil.

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We have a sustained product and a team to keep your satisfaction for a lifetime.

Team Support

A team of professionals that ensure what you order is what you receive in every container.

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Backing our product sustains our future business with our most valuable asset, our dealers, distributors and builders.

Perfect From Quarry

Our quarries stand behind their product, guaranteed.

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Exclusive Service

Our Products speak for themselves, our service is above the rest.

Unique Product

The product is as unique as the Brazilian people and their country. Our service stands behind them all.

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Explore Our Products

Offering a unique product from the quarries of Brazil, our Brazilian Granite offers your network of customers a unique style, natural beauty and performance rivaled to no other granite product. We invite you to further explore here or contact us for a more personal informative exploration of our ability to serve your business.


Our Core Values

We know you can find any product that will suffice for your business but we want to bring you a product that differentiates you from your competition. We not only have a unique beautiful product that we guarantee but we also bring to you our comprehensive marketing plan and experienced implementation team. We invite you to see the difference in how we help grow your business.

Latest News

Read more about what we offer our clients, individual client success stories and some great end result project completion stories. We love being able to see our beautiful product in its final environment, home or business.


Trusted Partners

We build sustainability in everything we do. Our partnerships reflect our caring attitude towards fellow man and environment. Please take time to visit our partners and explore what your company can do to make our planet and people better today than yesterday. Our ongoing team attitude is to discover how we can make every business we deal with better than when we first met them. It has been an attitude that provides true success beyond the bottom line.

Build With Us, Our Partnership is Deeper Than The Stone Quarries We Pull From

Relationships are built past shipping of a product, our team thrives off of knowing this. Our turnkey system not only gives you a great product on your time line but provides you with the marketing to move our product uniquely and quickly to your end user.

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